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At least he got the lousy girlfriend...

So, OK... here we go. I just want to babble out a quick post. Baron is on the phone, and he's all sleepy. I'm guessing he'll be asleep before I finish typing this post. It doesn't bother me at all... I like listening to him breathe even. It's cute when he sleeps. Heh He's going to laugh when he reads that part of this post.

Sometimes I just feel like I'm biding my time until February... when I finally get to hug him. I've never met a guy who makes me smile so much... or makes me feel so loved all the time. He can take care of me even from all the way in California. He cheers me up when I'm having a bad day, and it doesn't even take a lot for him to do it. I can just hear his voice when I'm upset, and I instantly feel better. He makes me feel complete even from so far away. I know when he gets here that it will be amazingly wonderful, and I won't want him to leave. I'll reluctantly let him go back to Cali, though. I know he has stuff to take care of there, and if he loves me and wants to be with me... he'll be back. I trust that. I trust him. I trust him more than I do anyone else.

I got all my Christmas presents from him last week on Christmas Eve. He got his presents on Christmas Eve, too. I'll copy and paste what he got me here: some 6x9 speakers and 4x6 speakers for my car, some pink skull slip on Vans (check the avatar, yo!), a PS2 controller and an XBox controller (I have neither an XBox or PS2 but he has both... get it? Heh Yes, we're geeks. He was saying "This is for when I move there, so you can use them on mine"... and it was adorkable!), a copy of a caricature of him, a Stewie doll for my car, a photo album full of pictures of him (I loved it so much), a microphone and a cable for it, an In & Out shirt, 2 customized mc chris hoodies (one has a pink "K" on the back for my name! They're really, really nice), a Gir action figure, Vampire Hunter D DVD, Spaceghost Season 2 DVD, a headset for my cellphone, and a couple of other things. It was so nice. I cried constantly.

Sometimes the distance gets to me so bad that I just sigh, cry, and I say I want to give up... that I can't handle it... that I'm not worth it. He calms me down... he comforts me... and he tells me I am worth it. He always knows just what to say, when to say it, and HOW to say it. The guy never gave himself enough credit when it comes to females, because he's amazing with me. Maybe it's like with me... it just took the right guy to bring out a lot of this stuff in me. I feel like he's my soulmate. I always believed in soulmates, but he didn't. He says he does now.

I think he's asleep. It's adorable.

I keep that little pink photo book he sent me for Christmas next to my bed. I look at it at least once a day. It's touching to think he did that for me. It's nice to think that he KNOWS I care so much about him... so much that I'd appreciate something like that more than anything else in that box. All the other things were nice, but that was the best thing in there. I love how much thought he put into that gift. God. I love him.

It's the little things he does that keeps me grinning. The little things he says. I love hearing him call me "Babe" or "hun" or "honey"... stuff like that. He calls me his "special lady". It's amazing how much those terms makes my heart skip a beat. I could never get tired of his voice. Ahh... listen to me babbling like an idiot. I should stop now, because I'm starting to not make sense.

Nope. He's awake. He's harassing me and wanting to know what I was typing. Oh, wow... now he wants me to read it to him. HAH! I won't oblige. ;) He can wait until tomorrow to read this.

I never thought that the man I want to marry would have been found via the internet. I'm so glad we found each other.
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