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for some reason i don't think i'm going to get a job before i come here. i had been telling kittie, for some time now, that i was going to move here no matter what. i told her that i would live in a crappy little apartment. i told her i would sweep floors at wal-mart. i told her i would come here even if i didn't have a job or place to stay. it's not that i was lying...but i was never expecting to be here without work.

there's one crap job that i can get for sure. the work is crap and so is the pay. but it is income. however, there's one good job that i'd like to have. the work is crap and the pay is good. i went to talk to them yesterday. they're looking for someone like me - with my experience and training. but......ahhhh, it's iffy. supposedly they'll have a full-time position for me after some changes at the company but they'd like me to start as soon as possible to get aclimated. but they don't want to put anything on paper. where i come from that means they're jerking you around. but this is the south. people, like, shake hands instead of drawing up contracts. it's a different world out here. anyways, if i take the crap job i won't be able to start at the good-pay job. and if i bank on the good-payers taking me, and it falls through, i won't have a job. i'm thinking maybe they're having a hard time believing that i'd be moving here from california just to be with my southern belle. i'm going to go back and tell them to "Give me the job or get shot in the face". works every time...i hope.

tomorrow is chore/errand day. my chores and errands are to turn on the water, gas, and electricity and have it all under my name. then i get to choose on the trash situation. i can either go with waste management or some other outfit called "Good Neighbor". i'm thinking waste management because that's, like, the city or something. and the other would be, all, not totally trustable 'cuz it's, like, different, and stuff. i guess i could always change it later. i've been jumping itno alot of things without asking all the questions i should up front. i've been moving a little too fast. i've got tennis elbow in my left arm. i haven't had a good nights sleep in a week. kittie and i are already talking about exactly when she'll be moving in with me. i still want to be a bachelor at first, though. i want to use the living room as my bedroom and dumb stuff like that. put my weights in the kitchen and pee in the sink. you know? manly stuff, and stuff.

and i haven't even started to look into getting all my stuff over here. i'm going to force my dad to help me but we might not be able to get everything into my truck with a trailer hanging off the back end. i hope i can...but i'm not SURE that i can.

ok, so:

- job

- how to get my stuff here

once i get those two handled i'll feel better. and one more thing to stress about - no in-n-out burger. there is not one single in-n-out in the entire state. but i've found out that i like sonic. good thing they have one of those on every other corner.
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