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first off...

i'm no cat freak. i was just looking at the userinfo for this community and kittie made it look like i'm some cat fanatic or something. while it is true that i like cats more than dogs, i ain't no "cat freak".

me and her have been talking all serious like recently. it gets me thinking about what i would be willing to do for her. little things. when we first started talking i told her that i didn't want any pets. my pops taught me to "Never acquire anything with a mouth." now i would be willing to get her any pet she wanted if it made her happy. i'd let her dress me. i'd let her pick out the furniture. i'd let her decide what we're going to eat. i'd let her decide where we live. i'm at the point where i can't think of anything i wouldn't do for her. oh yeah, go back two sentences and replace all the "i'd"s with "i'll"s. it's not that i'm a big old wuss who can't make up his own mind. i just want to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make her happy.

the other night she asked me if i wanted to hear something funny.

"Tell me."

"I'm going to do everything I can to make you stay when you come to visit in February."

"Oh, really?"


she went on to tell me how she had the whole thing planned out in her head. she would try to have a job lined up for me when i showed up and we would go around together looking for houses to rent and she would let me use her phone to call my dad and have him gather up all my things and drive them out to me and the white picket fence and the one point five kids and the pets and the rest of our lives in happiness and everything wonderful.

then i asked her if she wanted to hear something funny.

"I've been thinking about that, too."

i told her all about my plan to have at least half of my belongings in cardboard boxes before i go to visit her. i told her about how i would try to get a job that i could start within three weeks. i told her how i was planning on bringing an extra wad of hundred dollar bills in case i saw a house for rent that i just had to have. i told her that MY secret plan was to go in february and set everything up so that i could come back home and give my two week notice at work, pack the rest of my stuff, get the deposit on my apartment, kiss everyone goodbye, and be back in her arms in less than twenty days...FOR GOOD.

i hate talking about marriage. but i can't stop. she couldn't be more perfect for me. i hated typing that just now. if i had read something like that two years ago i would have thought that the person writing it was a fool. now i'm the fool. i can't see myself without her.

kittie asked me for my ring size.
i gave it to her.
this isn't a fantasy.
this is going to happen.

thirty-one more days
thirty-one more days
thirty-one more days

until i'm with her
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